• Investigations

    While most investigative services are designed to meet the needs of private individuals, our investigative services can also meet the needs of attorneys from case inception to trial. This duality gives us better insight into our clients’ unique needs, increasing the possibility that their cases reach successful conclusions.  

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  • Service of Process

    What differentiates our process servers from others is their experience in handling the most difficult serves, their ability in dealing with unruly subjects in a professional manner, and the fact that they can work in conjunction with our investigators who are able to access confidential database information and who can provide this information to our servers in a timely and proficient manner.

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  • Litigation Support

    From the sign up of clients to initial investigation, through discovery and then to trial preparation attorneys and their staff have to perform a variety of tasks. Meridian Investigations and Security can assist with tasks such as locating and interviewing witnesses; conducting accident scene investigations and securing video and photos; asset searches; background checks; surveillance; perfecting process and more.  

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Learn About What Meridian Investigations Can Offer You Today!

Whether you're an insurance company, law firm or a private individual, Meridian Investigations will gladly meet with you for a free consultation.

Free Consultation
  • Jeremy E. Stephens, Esq., President of Meridian Investigations

    I am an attorney who has been in the investigations business since 1995. I not only bring the ability to consult clients on the legalities of matters but the understanding of what needs to be done from a legal perspective so as to benefit the clients in the most effective manner. I also have personally worked on and overseen thousands of investigation cases in numerous areas including negligence, general liability, workers compensation, products liability, security cases, medical malpractice, insurance fraud, criminal defense, etc.

    ~Jeremy E. Stephens, Esq., President of Meridian Investigations

Brief Overview of Services

  • Pre-Employment Checks

    As a business, your bottom line is very important. When hiring a new employee, you run the risk of making a bad investment in that individual. Let us uncover all the details so that you can make a nearly risk-free decision.

  • Pre-Marital Checks

    Marriage is a great thing, but it is something that couples commonly jump into without knowing anything about their significant other. We will help you look into such things through conducting a comprehensive background check.

  • Asset Searches

    Let us help you enforce those judgments. We assist attorneys, individuals and businesses in locating real property, motor vehicles, boats, planes, patents, pending litigations, and in some cases bank accounts and investments.

  • Background Checks

    Don’t rely on stale database information that can become dated quickly. Our background searches are more comprehensive and include investigations with direct sources such as local county courts, the three major credit reporting bureaus, and social media.

  • Service of Process

    Service of Process must be conducted by a third person to actually deliver the paperwork to the other side. Until the other side has been properly "served," a judge cannot make any orders or judgments. Let us do this for you.

  • Surveillance

    Our private investigators are trained on how to obtain photos and video critical to your case without compromising accuracy and reliability. Our investigators also can provide documentation and expert testimony during legal proceedings.

  • Insurance Investigations

    With people struggling in today's economy, fraudulent insurance claims are on the rise. We can help insurance companies make an informed decision on whether to approve or deny a claim, and whether prosecution should be considered.

  • Litigation Support

    Let us help you organize, analyze, and present your case. We obtain certified records for use as evidence and exhibits for use at the time of trial. In addition, we can locate witnesses, subpoena them and escort them to court if necessary.

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