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Resourcefulness is perhaps the most sought-after quality in a private investigator. Attorneys generally seek out our assistance for tasks they and their staffs are unable to easily accomplish themselves. These tasks typically include locating, interviewing and taking comprehensive statements of witnesses; asset searches; background checks; surveillance; perfecting process and the service of subpoenas.

The cases we work on include Motor Vehicle Accidents, Premises and General Liability, Personal Injury, Labor Law cases, Fire cases, Property Damage, Workers Compensation, False Arrests and Imprisonments, Security and Assaults, Medical Malpractice, and Medical Fraud.

We work closely with lawyers assisting them while they are actually on trial. Our investigators, all notaries, bring years of experience and wisdom of their own to our clients. Our investigators assist our clients from case inception, through discovery and then at the time of trial. We find witnesses, interview witnesses and escort witnesses into court to ensure they are there when they are actually needed.

Perfecting process and serving subpoenas on uncooperative individuals is a skill, and nearly all attorneys rely on us as qualified and experienced servers to exercise their resourcefulness and serve the appropriate documents in a timely and lawful manner.

Our lawyer clients rely on us to prepare subpoenas for records and for appearances, to disburse subpoena fees, and to serve papers in both State and Federal Courts.

We conduct background checks of litigants and obtain certified records for use as evidence in court on a regular basis, including obtaining detailed criminal records, police records and motor vehicle records.

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Jeremy E. Stephens, Esq. is the President of Meridian Investigations and Security. He is an attorney in the professional investigations business dedicated to providing the highest quality investigative services to his clients. With over 18 years of hands on experience bringing cases to trial, assisting attorneys on both the plaintiff and defense sides, seeing cases through from inception to resolution he has delivered results that have saved his clients time and money. Meridian Investigations also utilizes a staff of experienced investigators including retired NYPD personnel and all of whom are notaries.

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