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We serve all legal documents, both locally and nationwide. Our licensed process servers are knowledgeable in all applicable State and Federal laws.

Many process service requests our company receives are from clients who have been unable to serve an individual by conventional means. It is not uncommon for a person who has experience in due process to avoid the local authorities. Process serving is a tough job. We work late at night and on weekends. We serve people who do not want to be served. Perfecting process on troublesome people is a skill which we have and handle with professionalism.

Hiring us timely may also ensure that process is made before a statute of limitation could bar your action.

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Jeremy E. Stephens, Esq. is the President of Meridian Investigations and Security. He is an attorney in the professional investigations business dedicated to providing the highest quality investigative services to his clients. With over 18 years of hands on experience bringing cases to trial, assisting attorneys on both the plaintiff and defense sides, seeing cases through from inception to resolution he has delivered results that have saved his clients time and money. Meridian Investigations also utilizes a staff of experienced investigators including retired NYPD personnel and all of whom are notaries.

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